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Bristol's Long Term Strategy & Goals

The journey we are undertaking is a marathon, not a sprint. We are still working on refining the process for our data input and have some work to do over the next few years to understand the best processes and ways of tracking our emissions. That is why we have partnered with fantastic companies like Planet mark to deliver on our commitment. Bristol has also committed not to pass the cost of putting together our strategy on to our clients or suppliers - this is completely funded by Bristol in order to ensure there are no financial ties which might impact our drive to deliver positive change.

In the first two years we expect our emissions to go up rather than down for a few different reasons. As we started tracking our emissions toward the middle of 2021 for 2020, there were no processes in place to get the best data possible. Some 'Scope 3 Emissions' data needed to be logged in ways that required us to develop tracking tools as we began to collate data. In some instances we were not able to retrieve the data in the time needed, and certain volumes will be lower due to the impact of COVID. We are confident, however, that this first data collection taught us a lot, and we will continue to learn and track data efficiently and completely, in order to start making an impact on our emission reduction.

We would welcome you to come and talk to us at any point about our strategy, our emissions data or anything else relating to our goal of being a more sustainable company as a whole. You can contact us via email at


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