Corporate Social Responsibility

Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do at Bristol. To foster a culture that values collaboration, we support our employees’ efforts to make the world a better place inside our organization and in the community around us.

Behaviors Matter

Bristol’s culture is formed and strengthened by our devotion to a core set of Valued Behaviors, which include: Curiosity, Ethical & Honest, Empathetic, Gratitude, and Team Player.

We actively contribute to our corporate and societal well-being through:

Heart of Bristol

A group of associates within Bristol who coordinate company events benefiting local community outreach programs.

Recent Heart of Bristol Efforts:

Culture Connection

Bristol has an active Culture Connection team made up of associate volunteers from a cross section of departments and locations in the organization. Our Culture Connection team hosts creative activities and events geared toward connecting associates and providing the necessary opportunity to re-energize.

Our Recent Culture Connection Events

Breakthrough Projects

Not accepting the status quo… Possessing dreams so big they seem impossible… Demonstrating intense curiosity…  At Bristol, innovation is a vibrant, day-to-day ingredient of our culture.  Our Breakthrough Project program is an important facilitator and enabler, producing a steady stream of important ideas and enhancements to process, results and relationships.  

A Quest for the Best

Bristol resides in an industry that consolidates a wide variety of demands, skills, products and services, all of which are carried out on a global stage.  Yet, we never lose sight of the essential, omnipresent reality of our business which centers on people, problem-solving and relationships.  As highlighted and empowered by our Valued Behaviors, our mission, to Connect versus Control ®, remains perfectly aligned with our business imperative.  Therefore, our tireless journey of sourcing, selecting and retaining talent that first, match our Valued Behaviors and our Mission, remains our most critical call to action.   

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