"Bristol has long been viewed as a compassionate, contemporary and socially conscious enterprise. We are embracing sustainability, which is a natural fit with our existing philosophy to Connect with, vs. Control, people." - Joe Cardini, President

Long-Term Strategy and Goals

Bristol’s aim is to be as open with our strategy and results of becoming the most sustainable company as we possibly can. We will be publishing our strategy, goals and data as it relates to our initiative. We want to move the world, one step at a time, and the key to this is communication and honesty. In this section of the website we will be publishing every step of our journey to ensure complete transparency of our actions and progress.

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Our Sustainability Committee

Bristol is proud to introduce the committee members who are leading the Bristol Global Mobility Sustainability initiative. Each person on the committee is a passionate advocate for change, and committed to driving the global mobility industry forward into a better future where sustainable mobility is possible in all forms.

Meet Our Sustainability Committee

Planet Mark

Planet Mark is a sustainability certification for any type of organisation. The certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals who make a world of difference.

Working With Planet Mark

Bristol's Sustainability Connections

As well as working with Planet Mark, Bristol is also very proud to be connected to a number of other very important initiatives.

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