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With the Spirit of an Immigrant

Premia Relocation Mortgage is a winner of Bristol's prestigious 2020 Partner of the Year award in recognition of outstanding service to our clients and relocating employees. Here, President Nina Arnaiz shares her inspiring backstory as well as some keen mortgage industry insights. Read on:

21 June 2021

Nina Arnaiz immigrated to the United States from Baghdad, Iraq at 14-years old with her parents. She relocated to a peaceful neighborhood outside of Detroit which was certainly different than the bombs that lit up the skies above her former home. This experience not only shaped Nina’s life but also influences her leadership and the company she now runs.

“As a child, I would stand on the roof of our home and watch the military portions of the city being bombed,” described Nina. Later, her father would decide to move the family to safety within the United States.

After arriving in Detroit, they lived with extended family. Nina knew proper English from the Chaldean Catholic school she had attended, however, she struggled with the local dialect. She spent a summer watching soap operas with a dictionary and asking family to explain the meaning of words used on General Hospital. With much determination, she learned the language and went on to graduate from Wayne State University.

She looks back with great pride on the decision her father made, saying “the freedom of being able to achieve what you set your mind to, as long as you work hard, is incredibly possible.  There are so many avenues and opportunities to make things happen, especially for a female. That looked very different in the Middle East from where I came.”  

Nina and her family became US citizens in 2000 and today, she continues to embrace the vision of the American Dream through her work in relocation. The spirit of an immigrant is described through work ethic, courage, hope & grit. As an immigrant, wife and mother, Nina understands the challenges facing families when moving to a new location.

Meet Nina and you see all of that with a sense of urgency.  “It is stressful for individuals, especially for those with children,” says Nina. “The relocation industry is challenging, and it takes people with empathy who are willing to go the extra mile. Like my team and me, this industry is filled with people committed to doing what is right for transferees.”

Next, have a conversation about financing the homes of transferees and you can hear the passion grow in her voice.

Bristol:  Nina, thank you for sharing your amazing background and your approach to work and life!  Now we'd love to hear your industry insight. As we appear to be emerging from the worst of the pandemic lockdowns, we note the dramatic run-up in home values, growing demand coupled with indications of a return to relocation activity.  Could you tell us what is happening here?  Is this another "bubble", or can current conditions be sustained? What is your current outlook on the relocation mortgage market, and any advice for companies and how we can best support our transferees?

Addressing the current market, Nina says, “I do not see a ‘bubble’ that is going to suddenly burst like it did in September, 2007. We can expect price increases to slow within a year and mortgage rates to remain historically low. Our industry is watching how financially-stressed homeowners emerge from the pandemic, economic conditions and the impact of proposed housing legislation.”

The Premia Relocation Team is seeing the number of relocations outpace 2019. Many companies who held moves are now giving the green light; and exceeding their forecasted relocation numbers. “The housing market is certainly one we have seen before, where demand outpaces supply". Nina continued. "The market is tough for buyers, especially relocating borrowers trying to move quickly. Buyers must include a mortgage pre-approval to make a strong offer.”

Also, Nina and her team are suggesting making cash offer through delayed financing. Delayed financing is when buyers pay cash for a home through liquidating an asset such as a 401(k). Once the home is purchased, financing can be secured within 90 days to reimburse the liquidated asset. According to Nina, “It’s hard for sellers to turn down a cash offer. It is out-of-the-box thinking, but we are passionate about finding a solution.”

This passion carries over to her team. “Nina sets the bar high. It is hard not to share her enthusiasm and passion for helping relocating families reach their destination,” says Senior Relocation Mortgage Consultant Lore Boczar.

Bristol:  Thank you Premia and thank you, Nina, for your partnership and your insight!

Nina Arnaiz is President of Premia Relocation Mortgage, winner of Bristol's 2020 Partner of the Year award. Nina started with Premia in 2002 as a mortgage consultant and as president, is responsible for the overall execution and profitability of the company. Nina can be reached at 248.641.1541 or via email at


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