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In Celebration of 25 Years!

Celebrating significant milestones can serve as powerful inspiration as we reflect on the triumph over, and perseverance through challenge - offering hope and resolve that, no matter the circumstances, history illustrates our ability to overcome.

8 March 2022

2022 marks Bristol’s 25th year in the employee mobility industry, operating as a Relocation Management Company.  On March 1st, I also celebrated my 15th year as President of Bristol.  Anniversaries, both personal and business, are important milestones!  Milestones allow us to reflect on growth, progress and accomplishments which can in turn, serve as a positive influence in the lives that will carry the torch in the years ahead. 

Celebrating significant milestones can also serve as powerful inspiration as we reflect on the triumph over, and perseverance through challenge.  Again, offering hope and resolve such that, no matter the circumstances, history illustrates our ability to overcome.  Further, milestones can create a proper and often times, needed pause and a time to review not only the positives, but also the mistakes and associated lessons learned. 

25 years… WOW!  What began as an idea, which then birthed a tiny fledgling of a company with an abbreviated menu of services delivered from a small out-post in Phoenix, Arizona, has matured into a full-fledged, top-tier, eminently distinctive, global mobility solutions provider with employees stationed throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Singapore. 

This year in particular, there is an unmistakably pleasant fragrance drifting throughout the Bristol airways… an aroma generated by a profound and abiding sense of gratitude.  Indeed, completing 25 laps around the sun is no small task for any organization.  There are an endless number of factors which, in their own ways and yet, when carefully orchestrated, powerfully aid in the production of such sustained success. 

But of course, here at Bristol, the home of the Pineapple and the place where Connecting with, versus Controlling PeopleSM remains our mission and overarching purpose, we know that People have played the largest and most vital role over the past quarter century.  Clients…Relocating Employees…Supplier-Partners…our Ownership and our own Employees.  Over the years, all of these People have equipped Bristol in ways that have steadily strengthened our enterprise, building upon both success and failure and all the while, reminding us of the limitless potential found in transparent and trust-bound relationships…CONNECTIONS! 

As I think about all that is involved in surviving and indeed, thriving over any length of time, in particular 25 years, the word “durability” comes to mind.  Webster offers the following definition:  The ability to last over time, resisting wear, breakage and deterioration…

While I’m unable to personally validate the resistance to wear, breakage and deterioration, I can say that one of the greatest attributes of Bristol has always been a fearless and complete acceptance of change.  Understanding the corrosive and lethal attributes associated with apathy and indifference, coupled with the acceptance of the vital role we assume in the lives of relocating employees and families, as well as the critically strategic value we extend to our corporate clients, remaining curious and contemporary has always been a hallmark of Bristol’s thriving culture.  The Bristol enterprise has indeed, remained strong and durable and the multitude of factors that have brought us through our first 25 years will serve us well as we now enter our next quarter of a century! 

I must add that in the midst of our celebrating, and as I write this piece, the world remains historically unsteady and uncertain.  Are we exiting a global pandemic, or, will Covid provide yet another gotcha moment by vigorously rearing its ugly head once again?  The situation in Ukraine is confusing, confounding, maddening and above all, heart-wrenching.  As the world reacts and supports in its own respective ways, we’re all left to wonder, “Why?”  “How much more bloodshed and needless loss of life?”  “How does this end?” 

I can fill several more pages here, but you get the point.  Both humans and corporations alike, continue to face extreme headwinds coming from all points on the compass and with an unrelenting degree of regularity.

Long ago, Bristol embarked on a journey toward establishing ourselves as one of the most compassionate and caring organizations within the mobility space.  Before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was a “thing,” we had established The Heart of Bristol, which served as our community engagement vehicle.  So while we plan for more success in the years to come, you can be assured that our commitment to people and the connections therein, will only be amplified!  In fact, our Sustainability Committee, led by Dominic Offer, has helped us establish a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability foundation that, as compared to companies within and outside of the global mobility industry, ranks at the very top tiers with respect to thoughtfulness and impact.  You can read more about our platform and strategic vision, to Move the World, here:

With great pride and even greater gratitude and humility, on behalf of all Bristol associates, I extend a heart-felt THANK YOU to all whom have worked with, or, for Bristol in any capacity, at any point in time over the past 25 years!  We hope your engagement with Bristol has helped you as much as you have helped us.

In the years ahead, life, business and our industry promise more challenge, more unexpected curve-balls and more opportunities to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  More than ever, Bristol is poised and filled with immense purpose, to form the most compelling connections needed to incubate, create and curate the most compelling solutions required to combat all that the future tosses our way.  Connecting with, versus Controlling YOU remains our enduring mission!


Joe Cardini




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