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Global Mobility not Delivering for Firms

Having a global mobility program can be a great asset for any company. The positives it can provide for the employee and company can be very rewarding, however, it can only happen if the program is effective in accomplishing its goals.

26 February 2016

Research conducted by The RES Forum ( took a look at the success of mobility programs and found that simply for most organizations, the programs do not meet the expectations of the company nor the employee. Also, the programs are either too complex with too many points of contact and in addition to this, most companies did not use of technology in their programs. Discussed here is how companies can set expectations to be met, within their programs and the steps needed to streamline the process and maximize success. As David Enser of The RES Forum points out, companies need to identify what they are wanting to achieve and technology should be a foundation in their global mobility programs. Bristol helps companies with this by helping them streamline their mobility programs and assists them in exceeding their expectations by using technology and providing one-on-one support in all services used throughout a relocation or assignment.

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