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Bristol Announces Technology Updates For 2020

2019 was a banner year in which Bristol launched many new and exciting technology initiatives, executing on our vision of transforming the client and customer experience “one connection at a time”.

22 January 2020

2019 was a banner year in which Bristol launched many new and exciting technology initiatives, executing on our vision of transforming the client and customer experience “one connection at a time”.  We would like to recap some of the major enhancements we rolled out in 2019 and offer a glimpse of what’s to come in 2020.

Bristol’s online portal, BristolElite, offers major enhancements including the following features, and more:

Reporting: All of your key program metrics are now updated and available in real-time 24/7! There is no need to issue a request or wait for delivery of your vital reports.

Invoicing: Similarly, all of your service invoices are posted instantly and housed in a secure dedicated page for your convenience.

DocuSign: Bristol has integrated DocuSign into the BristolElite system resulting in greater efficiency and control over sensitive documents such as repayment agreements. We send such documents directly to your employees through the MEE (Mobile Employee Experience) and can more efficiently drive the follow-up process through to completion. 

Lump Sum Policies / Bristol Self-Service: Our brand new platform offers employees relocating under a lump sum policy access to the global BristolNetwork of suppliers to request competitive quotes and coordinate all aspects of their move through a self-service model. With Bristol Self-Service, your lump sum transferees are in control of their relocation!  

Communicating with Bristol: You may prompt us with a request through the BristolElite portal at any time in lieu of sending an email. For example: A long-term assignment was extended six months? Change the status right within the portal for instant notification of your service delivery team. The system immediately tracks the change and captures any additional notes, questions and further updates from the mobility advisor. 

Data Privacy: Bristol took added measures throughout 2019 to protect how we communicate sensitive personal data such as SSNs and credit card IDs including additional controls to our outgoing email system. 

Mobile Employee Experience (MEE):In 2019 Bristol migrated its mobile experience to the Equus Assignment Pro MEE. Our new app enables transferees to easily access all aspects of their relocation such as scheduled household goods delivery dates, temporary living move in/out dates, timeline of upcoming events in their relocation, quickly and easily scan and submit expense reports and supporting receipts, and more. 

Location information: wtrMobility is Bristol’s live online portal providing comprehensive local destination information 24/7, ensuring a positive employee experience, smooth transition, satisfaction and retention. Users may access detailed, live interactive city guides for thousands of cities, rental housing market data, labor market and salary info, live news, local orientation and settling-in information, educational opportunities, language training, and much more. wtrMobility is directly accessible through your BristolElite portal. 

Supplier-Partner Integration: Bristol continued to seamlessly integrate with our BristolNet supplier partners to provide real time online service updates, resulting in the best possible service to your employees. We brought an additional ten (10) highly utilized strategic suppliers representing critical services such as van lines, automobile shippers, Temporary Living providers and Immigration services into the fold to provide a completely integrated data feed that flows straight through to client and transferee access through our BristolElite portal.  

And coming in 2020, BristolANALYTICS! Bristol’s suite of revolutionary mobility data products that will deliver even more of the critical indicators of your mobility program in real time as well as the information and insights you need to make informed decisions and predict future outcomes. Stay tuned!

Be sure to take full advantage of these exciting new technology offerings from Bristol!  Please contact your Bristol Account Director for more details or with any questions.


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