Who is Bristol?

Bristol Global Mobility is a premier, privately-owned, full-service relocation management company. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Bristol maintains service hubs in Dallas, TX, Toronto, London and Singapore, as well as a distributed workforce throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our relationship-centered philosophy of Connecting with, versus Controlling people fuels our ability to provide innovative mobility solutions and built-to-last engagements with all process constituents.

Our mission is rooted in a unique relational philosophy we long ago coined as Connect versus Control ®. Relocation success is never about a person, or, a single company.  To consistently attain desired outcomes, the nature of how relationships are built and managed is crucial.  Bristol excels when it comes to intelligently integrating all key process constituents in ways that create consistent value on behalf of our clients and meaningful move experiences for their relocating employees.  

What is Connect versus Control®?

Authentic and meaningful human connection is what fuels the heart of Bristol.  We believe the strongest relationships are built upon a foundation of trust, empathy, understanding and connection.  Therefore, our unending quest is to create long-term, highly strategic and mutually rewarding relationships with our clients, their relocating employees and our supplier-partners. "Connect versus Control®" is not only Bristol’s operational and relational philosophy, it is Bristol’s registered trademark, so unique and important is this concept to us.  In an industry that is steadily besieged by change and disruption, not all of which produces an improved customer experience, our dedication to Connect with - versus Control - people, serves as one of our hallmark differentiators! 

Without a deep, cultural embrace of the comprehensive value associated with connection, there is often a dysfunctional manifestation associated with the need to “control.”  The result is illustrated when relocation firms attempt to integrate clients into a pre-determined operational and relational platform, driven by concepts of economies of scale and a one-sided view of efficiency that can often be cloaked in concepts such as owning/controlling large swaths of the down-stream supply chain, or, claims of extreme, volume-leveraged supply chain pricing engagements.  All the while, the most important component in the process – the relocating employee and family, are being forced through a support delivery model that has removed choice and the chance to access the very best suppliers, amplified by onerous pricing terms that have often crossed the line between reasonable and fair pricing.  All of which, sadly, leads to devaluation of the customer experience.  The attempt to replicate such a “control” model across a wide range of unique clients, possessing a wide variety of needs and expectations, often results in varying degrees of improper fit and dissatisfied, unfulfilled relationships. 

By contrast, Bristol’s sincere desire and proven ability to connect with every vital constituent within the relocation ecosystem, ensures that we are actively hearing and then honoring each specific client requirement, resulting in an optimized relationship and unparalleled service excellence.

Why the Pineapple?

The Bristol pineapple logo has become one of the most iconic images in our industry.  Why?  First, the pineapple is widely recognized throughout the world as a symbol of welcome and hospitality which are among Bristol’s core values.  The fruit itself consists of over 100 individual flowers, banded together around a common central core.  The very nature of the pineapple structure beautifully illustrates, not only the make-up of our diverse global workforce, but, also our network of strategic supplier-partners and our corporate clients around the world, all of whom bound together by a common commitment to our values of empathy, compassion, teamwork and service excellence.

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