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Bristol Connections: Rodney Enad

Rodney Enad is the 2020 winner of Bristol’s prestigious "Andrew Award", our highest employee honor. "Innovative, caring, exceptional, curious, positive, professional, passionate, hard-working, mentor, friend, kind, compassionate, welcoming.." ..these are just SOME of the words Rodney's peers used in describing him.

10 November 2020

In our latest “up-close and personal” Associate feature we profile Mr. Rodney Enad, Associate Mobility Advisor in Bristol’s Dallas office.

Rodney is the 2020 winner of Bristol’s prestigious Andrew Award, our highest employee honor!  It is awarded each year to the Bristol associate who best embodies our key value of human Connection along with professional excellence as voted by his peers.  The Andrew Award was inspired by Andrew Lounsbury, the legendary elevator operator at California’s venerable Hotel del Coronado.  For more on Andrew and how he came to represent Bristol’s dearest cultural value, that is a story in itself:

But we’re here to celebrate Rodney, 2020’s Andrew Award winner!  Let’s start with excerpts from the volumes of praise submitted by his Bristol peers that cemented his honor:

"Rodney started just a year ago but he revolutionized the AMA role which in turn improved Bristol as a whole. He is an absolute gem to work with and a genuinely amazing person. …he embodies the Andrew Award!"

"There is not one thing on the characteristics/ traits list for the award that he does not hold. He is always so helpful... His positive attitude is awesome to behold.. professional, caring, and welcoming… really puts a big smiley face on Bristol. Anyone could reach out to Rodney and he would make an effort to be of service to them. He has exceptional presence and skills."

"Rodney is extremely innovative. He put together a Trello board which details the tasks of an AMA and how to complete those tasks step-by-step. You could say he is the AMA team lead. Rodney is always cheerful with a can-do attitude... his daily demeanor, positivity and passion for customer service and connection shows in every action he performs.. never a hesitation in his willingness to help, not just simply in getting a task done but providing the positive feedback that will better you as a person. I know since working with him I have grown as a professional and as an individual."

"Since joining Bristol Rodney has consistently gone above and beyond in his role. He's worked very hard to document processes for all of the AMAs, and then used that to train new AMAs. He did this all on his own with the goal of making it easier for the next person to learn and do that job. I love that thought process and we all need more people who think like him. Rodney is innovative and curious  He has the ability to look at the details while understanding the big picture. He's always looking for process improvements within his role and is always up for a new challenge.

Heidelberg, Germany

"If you know Rodney, you know without a doubt he embodies the spirit of the Andrew Award on every level. The first time I met Rodney, I knew he was special. It's not often that you walk away from someone and feel like your life is better for knowing them. I'm lucky to be able to work alongside him and witness every day his sincere compassion towards enriching the lives of others, serving in a kind and compassionate way... Rodney is a shining star at Bristol and we are lucky to have him as a mentor, friend and co-worker."

Incredible words from across Bristol!  Let’s meet the man....

Rodney, where were you born?   I was born in Heidelberg, Germany. My parents both served in the Military and were stationed overseas when I was born. We were only there for a few years before moving back to the U.S. but one of my bucket list items is to re-visit the area. I’ve heard from my parents and friends who have visited that it’s absolutely beautiful and I plan to experience it one day.

What was your favorite part of your childhood?   One of the things I have always looked back on fondly is the different ways I got to express myself through music. I played the piano with my great grandma as a kid, was in Orchestra through middle school, and choir up through high school. I have always enjoyed singing and continue to express myself through music today (in the privacy of my home - haha).

What brought you to Dallas?   My parents retired from the Military in El Paso, which is how we found ourselves in Texas. After I graduated high school I decided I wanted to be a chef. So, I moved to Dallas to go to culinary school and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu.

When did you join Bristol, and what is your role?   I joined Bristol January 2019 through a temp agency and was hired on as a full-time employee in March 2019. I’m an Associate Mobility Advisor so I provide administrative support to the Mobility Advisors in our Dallas office. I work really closely with my fellow Associates which can sometimes lead to supporting other teams or offices, and I’m always up for assisting with any projects when help is needed! 

And we know you do that very well!  What do you like best about working at Bristol?  While the culture here at Bristol has always been a high point for me, one of my favorite aspects of working for Bristol at the moment is having the opportunity to work from home. I’ve had the opportunity to have my husband and our three dogs - Missy (Mini Australian Shepherd), Zak (Labrador/Great Pyrenees mix) and Basil (Great Pyrenees) - become a regular part of my day, and it’s pretty uhh-mazing.

Many of us pet lovers/owners would say the same thing!  Speaking of Bristol culture, How do you practice “Connect versus Control” outside of Bristol?   Although this is always a work-in-progress, I feel that being authentic about who I am, what matters to me, and sharing openly is how I best connect with other people across every area of my life.  One of my favorite poems is by Marianne Williamson; in it she says “..and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” I believe that when I’m sharing with others authentically it opens the door for them to do the same, and that creates a meaningful relationship experience.  

Well said, Rodney and very touching.  Now for some fun stuff!  What do you do in your spare time?    I’m a HUGE Gamer – especially strategy games. Some of my personal favorites from childhood are chess and Pokémon. As an adult, my husband and I do regular Spades marathons with my parents, and do regular game nights with our friends.  

My husband and I played one online game for so many years that when we got married, we had an in-game wedding as well so all of our gamer friends could attend. I would consider that it be the pinnacle of our “geekiness” and I smile every time I share the story or look at the pictures.

What’s your favorite animal and why?   I have two! The first is the Sea Turtle. It represents to me the importance of family and in Hawaiian culture it symbolizes wisdom, good luck, and a long life.  The second is the caterpillar. I know this isn’t really an animal, but they have always played a significant role in my life. To me they represent metamorphosis. I always take a picture anytime I see one because I believe it means I’m on the cusp of a major change in my life.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?   I’m a big thrill-seeker. I’ve been sky diving, walked on fire and broken glass (not at the same time), and have even swam with sharks! I’m really interested in doing a subzero dive (exactly what it sounds like) as my next big item to cross off my list.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?   Anywhere near the beach, preferably Hawaii! I just love the smell of the salt water and the sound of the waves crashing in the background. I always feel the most connected to myself and at peace whenever we go there.

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?   Queensland, Australia – Snorkeling is my all-time favorite activity. I can easily disappear for hours without realizing how much time has passed. I love exploring the sea and finding various forms of life and just witnessing their existence. I find being in the water and hearing nothing but the sound of my own breathing, it's calming and relaxing.  

Who do you look up to and why?  I’m a really big fan of Todrick Hall, and he is definitely someone that I look up to. He’s an LGBTQ+ singer, director, and choreographer that I have followed for years. I’ve always admired the openness, honesty, and transparency he brings into everything he does. Seeing him so boldly share the truth of who he is and how his experiences have shaped who he is has been an important part of my journey to self-acceptance and self-love.

What is something new that you learned about yourself this year?    Something that started off as an interest last year and has become a really big part of my life in 2020 is a love for plants. Since we started sheltering in place at the beginning of the year, we’ve spent a lot of time looking for ways to improve our stay-at-home life. Since I love nature, one of the biggest ways for me to find joy is to bring more of the outdoors into my home. I have a whole morning routine now dedicated to plant care in our house and spend a lot of my free time learning as much as I can about plant care.  

What life accomplishment would you say are you most proud of?   I think that just being the person that I am today is the thing I’m proudest of. As I continue to grow, the bar I set for who I want to be is constantly shifting. I’ve had to overcome some significant challenges in my life and I’m just really proud of who I am today.

We are proud of you too, Rodney, and honored to call you our associate and friend.  Congratulations on your well-deserved award, and thank you for all you do for Bristol!


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