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Cup of Joe…

I am very pleased and excited to welcome you to Bristol’s new quarterly newsletter, Connectivity. As the name suggests, the goal of this publication is to inform, raise awareness and above all else – CONNECT us.

4 April 2013

At Bristol, we invest heavily in an operating philosophy we long ago coined, Connect versus Control. In our opinion, our success greatly hinges upon our ability to meaningfully connect with our clients, their relocating employees and our supplier-partners. Rather than mandate a certain way in which business must be conducted, or worse, unilaterally dictate the terms of our client and supplier-partner relationships, Bristol employs a large dose of humility, as well as sincere curiosity as we tirelessly endeavor to unearth the diamonds that exist in every relationship and that eventually lead to a maximized and highly strategic partnership.

Each issue will feature important and relevant industry-related updates, insights and trends. Additionally, we will attempt to feature stories that illustrate the power of maximized relationships while inspiring all of us to simply be better.

So, with the prelude out of the way, I thought I would start things off by sharing some thoughts on a topic I find fascinating and at times, frustrating. I recently came across a short story that used a two year old boy and his utter indifference to how he is perceived (as he walked along a parking lot curb, falling down every two feet or so), as a means to draw the lens squarely on each of us and our seemingly uncontrollable urge to be perfect.

For me, it reminded me of how often I tend to worry about the “outcome”, so much so that the worry can often times prevent me from taking action. It seems to be an inherent flaw within all of humanity to want to be perfect…to never make a mistake…to never fail. Of course, these types of efforts can often produce the complete opposite of our intended result. Our zeal to be perfect tends to highlight our own flaws, our own insecurities, leading to less than desired outcomes. I have learned over my career the tremendous value and immense power that comes with living in the present and not worrying sick about the outcome. Most importantly, my relationships dramatically improved when I realized it wasn’t necessary for me to be perfect! Let’s face it – life is many things, but it’s nothing without meaningful, productive and enriching relationships. I have seen far too many relationships become fractured, if not entirely destroyed because one party – or both, refuses to accept that they might not have all the answers…or, dare I say – just might not be perfect! Life was never intended to be lived perfectly. It’s a fact that virtually every successful person throughout the history of our world has fallen on several occasions.

The difference between those who go on to become successful versus those who don’t, is often times rooted in one’s ability to not fear falling down. Just as the two year old depicted in the above referenced story is not at all worried about falling, or, who is watching him as he falls, or, what people will think of him because he’s fallen. All of us should possess that same purity and clarity of thought. You see, falling down and simply not being perfect is reality… it is inevitable! Setting aside that fear demonstrates a degree of TRUST in those with whom you interact on a regular basis. You trust them in the sense that you are confident – you just know – that they will accept you, even in your imperfect state. And in highly effective relationships, teams or companies, immense success and strength comes when that circle of trust is completed…where everyone accepts one another as they are – imperfections and all.

In the end, the goal should be about creating perfect relationships…and it seems crystal clear to me that in order to achieve that lofty goal, accepting our own imperfections is paramount.

On behalf of the entire Bristol Global Mobility team, THANK YOU for your partnership. We are honored to call you client, supplier-partner, team member, friend. We hope you enjoy this inaugural edition of Connectivity and the releases yet to come!

Lastly, if you are ever so inclined, please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss in greater detail any of the issues and content presented in Connectivity, or, any other important matter.  My e-mail address and telephone number are listed below.



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