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The Performance Excellence Journey Continues

16 December 2016

This summer, Bristol embarked on its first application for feedback on our efforts in applying the Baldrige Criteria to our journey in the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence Program.  We invited the Southwest Alliance for Excellence (SWAE), to Bristol’s headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, to perform a site visit to review of our progress at this stage of our journey. SWAE’s annual Performance Excellence Program recognizes organizations for performance excellence through leadership, organizational alignment, systemic improvement and innovation. The program, modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria, is an internationally recognized standard for performance excellence.  In addition to the formal recognition, the SWAE’s multi-tiered process assists organizations in Arizona, Nevada and Utah, along their path to achieving performance excellence, which means being role models in leadership, customer and workforce satisfaction and engagement, knowledge management, innovation and results.

We are proud and delighted to announce that the Southwest Alliance for Performance Excellence awarded Bristol Global Mobility, the Level 2 Commitment Award of their 2016 Performance Excellence Program. 

Bristol actually began its performance excellence journey based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework in 2014. Since the journey first began, Bristol has incorporated many quality and performance measures to benefit not only our clients, but also internally within the Bristol organization.

One of the internal quality measures we’ve adopted is our monthly Valued Behaviors program which recognizes our associates’ efforts toward not only fellow Bristol associates, but has also impacted every corner of our service to our clients.  In our self-assessment, we’ve also developed new processes and systems such as the Hospitality Desk, designed to improve the experience of the customer and strengthen our relationship with them by instilling a personal touch to all our interactions.

Another quality measure we created, is our Supplier Portal. This platform was developed to provide our suppliers and clients with real-time, updated information and allows for seamless sharing of data between Bristol, our supplier partners, our clients, and their employees. In continuing on our performance excellence journey, we embarked on the development and rigorous maintenance of our company’s strategic plan and the resulting goals and action plans are now visible on the walls across our company. 

We strive to obtain actionable feedback through features like Voice of the Customer, and our quarterly and yearly surveys where 100% of the feedback is used to identify new opportunities to improve and continue our cycle of learning and growing.  This is crucial to our industry. Though many companies conduct surveys, they fail to use the feedback to better their processes and therefore, miss the chance to deliver a high quality experience and performance excellence to their customers.

It’s changes such as these that help us make our clients’ jobs easier and allow us to deliver the best service to them.  Bristol is in the business of global mobility services, but we’re also in the business of learning and improving.

Along this road to performance excellence, Bristol associates have also attended past Baldrige recipient’s’ Sharing Days, to gain first hand insight into what processes were successful along their journey and the lessons learned. We used this valuable information to take what has worked for other organizations and molded it to fit Bristol’s mission and the individualized needs of our clients.

Bristol’s philosophy of Connect versus Control® is cohesive with the journey we are taking with utilizing the Baldrige Criteria because it ties in perfectly with Bristol’s culture and mission. We feel that Connect versus Control® is essential to our industry due to the importance of building individual relationships with our clients and their employees.  This is critical to providing support in a highly complex and demanding service market. For so long the industry has been a “one size fits all” game and it just doesn’t work. This is why the Baldrige Performance Excellence program is relevant to what we do. The mobility industry needs organizations that deliver customized services.  While most companies will only develop stagnant policies and force their clients to mold to them, Bristol develops approaches that are flexible and uniquely tailored to each client. We believe solutions and procedures should be formable and evolve to meet the needs of each client. If an organization’s procedures are set in stone and the mentality is that it’s “good enough”, an organization will never improve and grow.  Unfortunately, “good enough” has been a constant mentality in the mobility industry of years past.

Bristol aims to become a role model organization and we aspire to set the bar on how performance excellence is perceived and delivered in mobility.  We want to lead the industry by example.  The Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria helps us do just that.  It’s more than a way of doing things, it’s a lifestyle of living in a continuous way of exceeding the expectations of our clients and one another.  Our journey through the program has magnified our drive both as an organization and as individuals, toward constant improvement and excellence toward our customer experiences, engagement levels within our associate workforce and ultimately, the multitude of our operational procedures and results.

Our culture is in action, every day, with every associate, every client and transferring employee with whom we interact.  We are focused on developing those human to human relationships with our clients and using the feedback we receive to constantly improve and provide incomparable quality service and experiences.  Our greatest accomplishment and the best reward that we could receive as an organization, is our clients’ satisfaction and engagement. 

Anyone can deliver a product… Bristol’s goal is to deliver an experience like no other. Performance excellence comes from the DNA of an organization, the people within, they are the fiber that makes Bristol who we are. And the people of Bristol are truly committed to living excellence in all we do.





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