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Bristol's Hospitality Desk: Adding a personal touch to the relocation experience!

The Desk is an amazing resource that our mobility advisors have at their fingertips to show how they are listening to their relocating employees and that THEY CARE. They care more than just moving an employee from point A to B, they care about them as individuals, they care about their families and pets, and their overall well-being.

23 January 2019

In the last issue of Connectivity, we touched on a unique service provided by Bristol to relocating employees.  Bristol created a special "Hospitality Desk” as part of our ongoing initiative to consistently improve the relocating employee's experience. The Desk has tremendously strengthened our relationship with our clients and their employees by putting a personal and creative touch on the way we connect with them. Bristol associates may deepen their connection by delivering a gift that meets a special need or helps to overcome a challenge that the employee may have expressed in a conversation. These items may be something to help reduce stress on a child in the family having difficulty with the move, a new baby gift, a spa day, a pet treat, or flowers in condolence of a loss in their family. The desk is overseen by a team of dedicated Bristol mobility advisors, who assist their fellow mobility advisors, managers, and directors with sending gifts to our relocating employees.

The Desk is an amazing resource that our mobility advisors have at their fingertips to show how they are listening to their relocating employees and that THEY CARE. They care more than just moving an employee from point A to B, they care about them as individuals, they care about their families and pets, and their overall well-being. The Desk truly sets Bristol apart from other providers who may only send a gift in an effort to compensate for a service shortcoming.   While this practice is certainly appropriate in those situations, Bristol’s Hospitality Desk empowers our mobility advisors to add personal touches and anticipate needs proactively to enhance even the smoothest of relocations and delight our customer.  Bristol’s core value focusing on the human connections we develop is expressed in all the ways we show the employee how much we’re thinking about them.  

Katie Garcia 

Some of our Bristol associates shared their experiences and thoughts on the Desk and how it’s impacting the lives of our relocating employees. “I love that we can send the employee a gift for themselves, their dog, their kids, or even just a card to say thank you for trusting Bristol with this stressful transition in your life”, remarked Katie Garcia, Bristol’s Dallas based Manager of Service Delivery. Michele Kern, Bristol’s Manager of U.S. Service Delivery, recalled a small detail that others might overlook which resulted in a powerful moment. “I had a VIP who was challenged with selling his home while dealing with some personal family matters. He was also away from home for long periods of time and really missed his four legged family members (2 Labs).  One of the weekends he was at home, Bristol sent a basket full of treats and some new toys for his Labs that were manufactured in the U.S. (this was key as he mentioned in a prior conversation that he was very particular about where items were made).  He was over the moon that we remembered that detail.”  Michele sums it up quite nicely, “It’s little moments like this that truly differentiate the Bristol experience.” 

Another example was during Hurricane Harvey when an employee far from home in the midst of a natural disaster mentioned having to put waders on just to walk to work and conveyed how stressed he was feeling.  He joked about needing his favorite cocktail while being away from his family in such difficult circumstances.  Our mobility advisor took note and promptly sent him a small pick-me-up:  A bottle of Whiskey and Coca-Cola!  Once he received the gift he called his mobility advisor, deeply touched and laughing that we actually delivered his favorite cocktail and how it was something that put a smile on his face in a time of intense stress in his life.

Katie Garcia recalled another example where she made a profound and positive impact on one of her stressed employee’s lives. “There was a time where I catered in dinner for an employee who was 8 months pregnant with twins, had a 3-year-old daughter, and her husband was already in the new work location because he got a job and had to move before she could with her job. She made a comment that it would be so nice if she didn’t have to worry about dinner for one night but that would be impossible because she’s the only one there that has to do everything now that her husband is so far away. So, I set it up for her with a local catering company and took care of her dinner plans for the next few days. She couldn’t believe it! She called me crying and was so appreciative and thankful.”  THIS is how Bristol is different, how we selflessly show we care about people, will be there for them, and we will make the “impossible” possible.

Michele Kern & Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith, Mobility Advisor, added, “I feel that the hospitality desk shows that the mobility advisors really listen to the employees to obtain little hints about them. With the employee just mentioning something small such as them having dogs or liking plants, that can go a big way in choosing a hospitality gift.  It’s not even about the gift itself.  What really matters more is that we have the opportunity to better the lives of the relocating employees, either in a time of stress, celebration, or as a just because, to show how much we value them.”  

Knowing we’ve brought joy to our relocating employees and their families is thanks enough, but we also love the feedback and notes of appreciation we receive from employees.  It truly warms our hearts to know we’re spreading happiness often in the most needed of times. Some of the notes of thanks we’ve received are truly touching and really convey how important and unique the Hospitality Desk is for Bristol and our relocating employees. We’d like to share a few of those with you as a glimpse of the ways Bristol is going above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience and satisfaction to your relocating employees.


A relocating employee who experienced a car accident, in the middle of their move, was genuinely surprised and touched. “Thank you so much for the edible arrangement. It was such a thoughtful and appreciated gesture. With all the stress of preparing for the new job, the crash, and all the house/relo stuff, your kindness brought a sense of care and compassion we didn’t expect.  A huge thank you to you and others at Bristol who were involved with this.”

Another relocating employee who had a surgery while relocating, “I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond to your sweet bonsai tree. You know I love plants and I actually didn’t have one of those.  So thank you for thinking of me!”

A time when a mobility advisor sent a “just because” treat to a relocating employee’s furry child, it really touched the employee that we not only cared about them, we cared about the happiness of their pet!  “Thank you so much for the basket of goodies for our girl!  You are too sweet!  This little pup is our pride and joy, and the basket of treats made our week.  We will have to bring her by to say thank you (kisses and tail wags) once the three of us officially arrive in Dallas.”

We look forward to bringing your relocating employees more moments like these!



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