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Bristol Mobility Advisors: Delivering High-Touch Connection in Stressful Times

Bristol salutes our Mobility Advisors for their stellar satisfaction scores during the months of April and May.

20 June 2022


          Left to right:

Jessica, Connie, Emily, Matt, Lupe



As summer temperatures rise, so our Mobility Advisors rise to meet the unique challenges presented by 2022's unprecedented logistical, supply-chain and economic conditions:  Supporting and connecting with relocating families to provide the most successful outcomes and satisfying customer experiences in our industry!

Based on hundreds of surveys received in April/May, an astonishing 99% of our customers expressed satisfaction or extreme delight with their Mobility Advisor, and 100% satisfaction with Bristol overall. Specific accolades include:

Jessica Campbell: Jessica is VERY good at her job!  She was extremely helpful and provided quick feedback about every question I had... I couldn't be happier with the level of service…. Jessica was amazing.... She was there for me every step of the way and answered every question.

Connie McLean:  Very professional and engaging to both me and my wife…  We love Connie McLean - she is awesome!... Connie was fantastic...she was always in communication with me and my family, helping us every step of the way.

Emily Ryan: Emily was absolutely AMAZING! She was so helpful throughout, it really made everything easier on us... Anytime that we needed something she was on top of it... We are so grateful that Emily was part of our process... Emily was fantastic.  She'd always get back to us quickly and she was proactive as well.  She was helpful every step of the way through what could have been a super stressful process.

Matt Broad:  Matt was very proactive, approachable and patient, promptly addressing all my queries, involving other stakeholders and keeping a close eye on other service providers to resolve issues as they arose, while keeping me up to date with the progress of my relocation.  I am very satisfied with the service he provided!... Matt is very cooperative and kind. He has supported me throughout my entire move and settle-down in the UK. I thank him so much for his kindness and support!

Lupe Flores:  Muy atentos y rápidos!

That is just some of the verbatim feedback received from transferees on a few of our top Q2 performers.

Bristol is grateful to our entire dedicated front-line operations staff who continue to delivering on our promises, each and every day.


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