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Bristol honors our 2020 Partners of the Year!

Each year Bristol honors our Supplier-Partners within the BristolNet Global Supply Chain for outstanding contributions to advancing and supporting key Bristol initiatives and processes while helping to increase our customers' satisfaction and contain costs.

14 April 2021

With deep gratitude Bristol Global Mobility recognizes our Partners of the Year for 2020!

The BristolNet Partner of the Year Awards recognize exemplary performance, achievements and behaviors that most closely align with Bristol’s core values and strategies.  Winners are determined based on a series of objective, metrics-driven criteria that evaluate service quality and other performance data along with demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement and cost containment.

The BristolNet Awards for 2020 performance are presented in the following categories:

Auto Transport Partner of the Year:  Reindeer Auto Relocation

Destination Services Partner of the Year - Americas: GO Destination Services

Destination Services Partner of the Year – APAC: Kent Relocation Services

Destination Services Partner of the Year - EMEA: Executive Expatriate Relocations (EER)

Mortgage Partner of the Year:  Premia Relocation Mortgage

Real Estate Partner of the Year - North America:  Allen Tate Realtors

Transportation (HHGs) Partner of the Year: Atlantic Relocation Systems

Temp Housing Partner of the Year:  Nomad Temporary Housing


Technology Partner of the Year: awarded to the Supplier-Partner demonstrating commitment to technology systems that further enhance the Bristol Global Mobility technology portfolio. Winner:  Nomad Temporary Housing

Innovation Award: awarded to the Supplier-Partner in recognition of the company’s use of technology, a new product offering, or enhanced process efficiency that has had the greatest positive impact to Bristol’s service delivery. Winner: PricePoint

Moment of Truth Award: in recognition of a particular moment during the year when the Supplier-Partner truly went above and beyond the normal call of duty in the name of stellar customer service.  Winner: Atlantic Relocation Systems

Sustainability Award: in recognition of the Supplier-Partner who has excelled in promoting environmental stewardship, advancing social responsibility and achieving strong economic performance while consistently complying to ethical business practices and good corporate governance.  Winner: US Bank Home Mortgage

Strategic Partner of the Year Award:  Bristol awards special recognition to the individual Supplier-Partner who has taken initiative to strategically partner with us to foster exceptional collaboration to the mutual benefit of BGM, the supplier-partner and/or our clients.  Winners:  Janice Ayotte LLB;  Hekmat Kaaden - Richter;  Grant Moore - Moore & Costello

Congratulations to our 2020 winners and THANK YOU for demonstrating the care, empathy, commitment and personal connection that Bristol, our clients and customers value so highly!  


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