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Bristol introduces new DE&I and Cultural Training tools in partnership with WTR

JUSTWise and GoWorldWise are advanced digital learning platforms that enable companies to integrate DE&I initiatives along with insightful cultural training in their global relocation programs.

1 February 2022

"Bristol is committed to increasing awareness and best practices for diversity and inclusion and to broadly share those practices." – Joe Cardini, President of Bristol

As critical strategic partners to Talent Management and Human Resources, Mobility professionals are seeking ways to integrate their companies’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) strategies with relocation opportunities. In our commitment to industry leadership in these important areas, Bristol is proud to announce revolutionary new tools through our expanded partnership with World Trade Resource (WTR), enabling our clients to implement new and innovative DE&I strategies.

In tandem with WTR, Bristol already provides the market’s most comprehensive destination information to our clients and their relocating employees, covering virtually every country and major city of the world through the wtrMobility portal. Now, our expanded partnership with WTR will offer assignees more extensive cross-cultural competencies training, integrated with deeper understanding of how country cultures fit into the DE&I experience.

THE OPPORTUNITY:  Every country of the world is in a different stage of developing a truly diverse and inclusive society, and culture shift is part of this change. In order to fully drive their own cultures of belonging, organizations must examine both DE&I and culture shift at the country level. WTR’s learning solutions detect and monitor these real-time shifts and workforce trends in all 200 countries.

Both Bristol and WTR believe that DE&I principles are integral to cultivating thriving cultures, including corporate cultures. Organizations’ mobile and globally distributed workers are uniquely positioned to benefit from deeper DE&I awareness as they navigate working in unique cultures and with diverse individuals.

THE SOLUTION:  WTR’s new digital learning platform JUSTWise supports relocating employees in their ongoing journeys of self-reflection, skill-building, and personal growth through three distinct levels of DE&I learning—Standard, Growth and Leadership - which focus on the employee, manager and leader, respectively.

THE BACKGROUND:  JUSTWise was developed using best practices and strict industry standards. Its on-demand and situational learning is available in over 40 languages and is both competency and certificate-based. The psychometric analysis ensures fair, valid, and legally defensible assessment items. Standard-Setting procedures are facilitated to optimize our scoring strategy. JUSTWise is being evaluated against the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) 1100 standards—an independent, third-party organization—to confirm that the item development, item analysis, and standard-setting procedures always meet the requirements for a high-quality, assessment-based certificate program. 

Dr. Stephan Branch, CEO of World Trade Resource, had this to say about JUSTWise: “To be effective organizations in an increasingly global context, we need global leaders who advocate for cross-cultural competence, and leadership development and talent management curriculum need to address the challenges of working cross culturally. By encouraging cultural diversity and creating a space to enhance cross-cultural skills, organizations will attract more diverse workforces that are equipped to handle new challenges. Our tool, JUSTWise, aligns diversity, equity, and inclusion with our Intercultural and Leadership Development Solutions, building an engaging, dynamic, culturally-informed employee.”

CULTURAL TRAINING:  There’s more:  Bristol will also offer our clients WTR’s newly-launched GoWorldWise, a cultural and global readiness tool that again covers practically every country and major city of the world. Multiple cultural programs (e.g., 1:1 virtual coaching, country and city briefings, face-to-face multilingual coaching) that develops the skills employees need to effectively bridge cultural gaps and to optimally work within -and lead - global work teams.

BRISTOL’S INTERNAL COMMITMENT: Such is our belief in the effectiveness of the WTR tools for our clients, Bristol is proud to begin leveraging the GoWorldWise and JUSTWise products internally for the advancement of our own global associates.

Joe Cardini, President of Bristol, remarked: “As our service delivery team members experience the same trainings curriculum as our clients’ relocating employees, we seek to further strengthen the connections we nurture with those we serve. Since joining the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion initiative last year, Bristol committed to increase awareness and best practices for diversity and inclusion and to broadly share those practices. Through our valued partnership with WTR, we are now thrilled  to be uniquely positioned in ways that will allow Bristol to share important and indeed, revolutionary products to both our corporate clients and our own Bristol associates.”

READY TO IMPLEMENT?  Bristol’s clients may gain easy access to both tools through the secure BristolElite portal as they currently do for the wtrMobility country info. Our Client Engagement teams stand ready to walk you through these potential new advancements to your global cross-cultural and DE&I programs. Set-up includes customized dashboards that will allow you to monitor and measure data-driven assessments, leveraging hard metrics toward building cultures of belonging. 

Be a thought leader and strategic partner within your organization!  Let’s work together to take your mobility programs to the next level by integrating your company’s broader Talent Management and DE&I initiatives.

About World Trade Resource: With 50 global hubs, WTR has one of the largest and most experienced teams of DEI, Intercultural and Leadership coaches anywhere in the world. Their DEI solutions, aligned with our leadership and intercultural development solutions, support organizational agendas with a global perspective and foster a culture of belonging.

About Bristol Global Mobility: Established in 1997, Bristol is a leading global mobility and consulting firm, dedicated to providing our clients and their relocating employees with customized and solutions-focused global mobility services worldwide. With regional offices in Toronto, ON; Phoenix AZ; London UK; and Singapore, and employees located throughout various areas in Canada and the United States, we manage and deliver end-to-end global mobility solutions to clients and relocating employees from all industries and sectors.


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