Bristol's Sustainability Committee

Bristol is proud to introduce the committee members who are leading the Bristol Global Mobility Sustainability initiative. Each person on the committee is a passionate advocate for change, and committed to driving the global mobility industry forward into a better future where sustainable mobility is possible in all forms.

Dominic Offer

Director, Sustainability and Business Development

I have been with Bristol since March 2018, starting as a Senior Mobility Advisor and working my way up to Director of Client Engagement. I am lucky enough to be the Director of Sustainability and chair for the committee, supporting with every part of the initiative, but focus on the data and review side. Really though we work as one big team, and everyone contributes their own vision and drive to the committee, which makes it all the more special. 

Sustainability touches everything in life, how we treat each other, how we treat our environment, how we support a better world. Sustainability can be viewed in so many different ways, but the most important part is the preservation of life, not just human life, but all life and the environment that sustains it.

I really love everything to do with sustainability. One area I find particularly fascinating is the economic sustainability, the redistribution of wealth and the review of global market laws and regulations, to reduce the manipulation of the market would solve quite a few problems over night, social and environmental, I believe anyway. 

The thing I care about most is education. The equal opportunity for people to learn and improve the environment around them. Through the introduction of mass education we have seen an amazing shift in technology and innovation, and we need to use that technology to learn and help us achieve those goals, but we also just need to look up from our screens for a moment, learn what trees surround our houses, to learn the names of the animals our environments support and the roles they play in those environments and to restore our humanity and the world that supports us.

Zeena Salh

Director, Client Engagement

I have been with Bristol since July 2017.

My role within the committee is to map out details of Bristol's commitment to CEO Action, UN WEP, Safespace, etc. I am committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability because I believe there is a need to improve the quality of life for all, and ensure future generations can continue living as we are now (if not better). It is exciting to be a part of a team connecting sustainability to global mobility.

I feel especially connected to environmental sustainability primarily because of my two daughters and the direct impact climate change has had on their lives already.

Andrew Bauer

Director, Business Systems & Processes

I joined Bristol in July 2011. Initially I joined as a Global Mobility Advisor, then a Senior Mobility Advisor before moving into the Business Systems and Processes department as an Analyst, then Manager and then Director for the EMEA and APAC regions. 

My role within the committee currently touches on the review, planning and data collection areas. I have recently been working on planning documents, setting up a data storage area for committee documents, a committee role map, bios of the team and also the setup and maintenance of the Sustainability pages on the Bristol Global website. 

I find so many things going on in the world extremely scary, and many are tied to sustainability and the effect we are having on the planet. It is very easy to think that one person can’t make a difference, but if everyone starts working together, I believe we can make a big difference.

Naturally all aspects of sustainability are important. However, there are a number that I feel quite strongly about. Poverty, third-world countries being able to have simple things such as clean water and medicines, ensuring that we keep green areas that are not overrun by developments, wildlife, mental health, and equality are all things I feel quite strongly about.

Matt Broad

Manager, Service Delivery

I joined Bristol in February 2018.

I am largely involved with review & planning, as well as liaising with our Global Supplier-Partner Management Team. I have reviewed our Supplier Code of Conduct and seen how this aligns with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability is important to me for the very simple reason that it is necessary for us to embrace it to hopefully ensure the future survival of our planet, as well as working to improve the quality of people’s lives.

It goes without saying that all areas of sustainability are important. In terms of the areas that are of particular interest to me though, I would say working to end hunger, reduce inequalities and taking urgent action to reduce climate change.

Cassie Mick

Admin Assistant, People & Culture

I have been an associate at Bristol since August 2018. I am a Communications team member, and I have been working on an internal/external strategy for all of the information we will be sharing soon, alongside Yan Domingos.

Practicing sustainability is important to me because it is an effort for not only the big picture, the health of our planet, but for our everyday lives. I’d like to see our world become a better place for everyone and everything in it.

I do believe all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are amazing focuses and deserve change. I am looking forward to continuing to learn about each of them. For me, the area that resonates most is equity, peace, justice, and strong institutions. I’d love to see our world be filled with fairness and peace for all.

Jose Santiago

Accounting and Billing Assistant

I have been working for Bristol since August 2021. I am currently an active contributor, helping any subcommittee that needs assistance. I am currently working on data collection, searching for sustainable organisations in the Phoenix, U.S. and UK areas.

Sustainability is important to me because it is about taking actions that will improve our lives and those to come in future generations. Performing daily tasks at an optimal level and being efficient is how I like to think of a sustainable person/organisation. It's about being ethical and doing the right thing. I like to think of sustainability as a puzzle. It is composed of so many different pieces and once all are put together, you can see the whole picture. We all cross paths with all areas of sustainability but environmental and health/wellness are two that interest me the most. We need to ensure people are taken care of and have the necessary essentials to be at an optimal. We also need to conserve our resources so that more can benefit in the long run.

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