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Cup of Joe: Pouring Happiness - The Experience Matters

If all we do is merely pay attention to the technical aspects of our jobs...and if all we do is focus on the process, while failing to give equal, if not greater weight to the people component of this formula, chances for success will indeed, be greatly restricted.

16 July 2019

Chances are, this most likely is not the first time you are reading our Connectivity newsletter.  So, perhaps then, this isn’t your first time reading my Cup of Joe.  If that’s the case, you have therefore undoubtedly heard about our Mission...which is to Connect with, versus Control people!  I have often written about the very essence of our business - which is squarely situated on the foundation of relational connections.

Over the past decade, we have witnessed an explosion of studies touting the benefits of possessing a high degree of emotional intelligence (EQ).  In fact, many business leaders are quick to mention their preference for talent that is strong in EQ, over talent that merely showcases a high IQ!  Additional research points to the correlation between EQ and joy, peace and happiness.    

Doing business on the global stage has arguably never been more challenging, and the employee mobility industry is certainly not immune to the onslaught of dynamics that force businesses to remain vigilant, procedurally responsible and agile.  However, if all we do is merely pay attention to the technical aspects of our jobs...and if all we do is focus on the process, while failing to give equal, if not greater weight to the  people component of this formula, chances for success will indeed, be greatly restricted. 

Have you ever stopped to consider how many times a day, coffee is ordered and served around the world?  As often, and perhaps as ritually as we rise out of bed each morning, a cup of coffee is being purchased.  The coffee purchase has truly become one of the most routine and ubiquitous transactional experiences one can encounter.  Generally speaking, the process and the experience from one coffee shop to another – globally, is rarely differentiated in any meaningful way.  And as a coffee house "snob," I can admit to the fact that rarely, if ever, is the actual product so amazingly better than some other coffee house just down the street.  Which, speaking candidly, is largely the case within the employee mobility space, where creating meaningful service/product differentiation can be extremely challenging.  

I wanted to share the below, compelling five-minute video, where the speaker highlights his experience with a Starbucks experience he “will never forget.”  I have watched this video a number of times and what stands out most to me is how this Barista chooses to show up to work each day.  As a Barista in an airport, she likely encounters hundreds of icy-cold, disinterested and disconnected people each day.  Yet, she has somehow found the way to take herself out of the equation and has intentionally made the choice to move beyond merely serving coffee.  Rather than simply pouring coffee, the Barista chooses to see her role as one that is "pouring happiness" into others.  

Throughout the course of a day, we are routinely interacting, relating, assisting and serving others.  As we enter these interpersonal engagements, we bring with us our own set of emotions that are likely derived from some combination of what has happened to us in the hours leading up to an interaction with another person, and/or, how we believe the interaction will impact us.  We can imagine the vast numbers of people with whom the Barista engaged with before encountering the man in the video.  It’s really not a stretch to suggest that most of the folks she served prior to this gentleman, were not nearly as cordial.  Still, she remained committed to her chief role (pouring happiness), thereby, completely transforming an otherwise mundane transactional engagement.  I sincerely believe you and I have the capability to create equally transformative connections in and out of the workplace! 

At Bristol, we continue to heavily invest in the mission-critical elements of our company…areas where we know we need to be rock-solid and sound in order to merely meet market demands.  Technology, process and product development are business segments that not only rank at the top of our company, but just about every other organization that calls global mobility their home.  However, my team and I have been and remain fully committed to the establishment of a global enterprise that is filled with talent whom first and foremost, embrace their chief role – pouring happiness!      

Here is the video link:   I truly hope you enjoy the message as much as I have.  As always, feel free to share with me any thoughts you might have regarding this, or, any other topic! 





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