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International Assignments – Defining “Success”

To most organizations, a failed assignment is one considered to be one that has terminated prior to its completion. However, an assignment could also be considered a failure even when it has completed.

22 February 2016

It is important to take steps throughout an assignment and not as an afterthought, to avoid failures. This article lists steps recommended for companies to garner the highest success rates by evaluating each assignment through three areas of analysis:

  • Calculating financial quantitative measures in respect to ROI
  • Reviewing if all objectives of an assignment were fully met
  • The employee is still engaged at work
  • It is imperative that steps are taken throughout the assignment and not just through reviews at the completion. Bristol’s Mobility Advisors work with companies and their employees through each of these steps, not just from the start of an assignment, but throughout and after its completion to mentor organizations in helping them create the best global mobility programs.

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