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Bristol News


New Release: Tom Fuegner joins the Bristol Team

Phoenix, Arizona – Joe Cardini, President of Bristol Global Mobility ( has announced the hiring of Tom Fuegner as Vice President of International Consulting Services.

25 August 2016

Tom brings more than 30 years of executive leadership in Global Human Resources Management.  In particular, Tom has spent the past 20 years in Asia, the USA and Saudi Arabia, developing and leading Human Resources and Global Mobility departments for three large U.S.-based multinationals, each with extensive global assignee populations.  Tom possesses an extraordinary degree of knowledge building, leading and mentoring respected and high-performing Human Resources and Global Mobility teams across numerous cultures and geographies.

“Throughout his career, Tom has forged highly productive relationships with many leading Global Mobility professionals. We are elated to have been presented with the honor of calling Tom a Bristol associate as he becomes a champion of Bristol’s unique culture, mission and relational philosophy of Connect versus Control®,” said Joe Cardini.

Operating from our Phoenix headquarters, Tom will be leading Bristol’s International Compensation Management department, as well as managing the International Service Delivery team based in the United States. Tom will also run Bristol’s Global Consulting Services practice where his immense, industry-leading experience will be extended to both internal and external Bristol constituents.

“Very few individuals possess the ground-up technical expertise with respect to all things Global HR & Mobility, as does Tom. Bristol is extremely fortunate to have been able secure such a uniquely qualified talent and so, with great anticipation, I look forward to the broad-based value Tom will provide to our organization and most importantly, to the clients whom we serve,” added Cardini.  

About Bristol

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Bristol Global Mobility is a privately-held corporate employee mobility management and consulting firm that supports workforce and business strategies for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to Arizona, Bristol operates globally with offices in Dallas, Texas, Green Bay, Wisconsin, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore.


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